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Kepler’s Bookstore goes out of business

“Kepler’s, a landmark bookstore and cultural icon of the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area for more than a half century, abruptly closed for good this morning. “’This is it,’ owner Clark Kepler told about 40 employees at a 9 a.m. all-staff meeting, shedding tears. Employees were left stunned and reeling from the announcement as Kepler cited [...]
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Designing for the User Experience

“Then it went into a great case study about redesigning a library system. It was one of those ones where you sit and think “I want that job…”. The slides from this are going to be available at and when they’re up there later today I storngly recommend you go and have a look [...]
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Building a Fixed Gear Bicycle

Came across this nice pictorial while shopping for parts on Craigslist. I think I need a new category for “making things” or “the mechanics of creativity” or something. And definitely one for fixed gear bikes. My personal fixie, incidentally, is built from a vintage 1970 Motobecane; pics to come someday. Before & after from the [...]
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“Our musician analysts have been hard at work since January 2000, analyzing almost a century of recorded music, one song at a time; meticulously creating the most thorough musicological database of its kind: the Music Genome Project. This is a labor of love – 20 minutes per song spent capturing everything from melody, harmony and [...]
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Ambidextrous Magazine

“Ambidextrous Magazine is the design journal of the nascent Stanford It is a magazine for the wider design community, which includes engineers and ethnographers, psychologists and philosophers. Rather than focusing on promoting product, Ambidextrous exposes the people and processes involved in design. “Ambidextrous is a forum for the cross-disciplinary, cross-market community of people with an [...]
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Free webcast on ethnographic research

“Marketers are always looking for ways that research can “go deeper” with consumers, to access unconsciously driven behaviors. In this lively presentation, Jan Lohs, Lohs Research Group and Susan Sweet, Doyle Research Associates, Inc. will help even seasoned professionals understand why and when to conduct ethnographic and observational qualitative research projects to achieve rich, below-the-surface [...]
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How stuff happens

Always hunting for things that show the “creative process.” This time from the painters. Follow along and watch Maciej Ceglowski paint a scene from Jackson Square or Eric Joyner paint robots and donuts. Since I can post pics now I’ll do so with reckless abandon:
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On Being and Deliciousness with Wil Shipley

“It’s been awhile since we’ve had a nice chewable interview on the site, and I’m pleased to offer up a special treat: Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster, makers of Delicious Library.” Don’t miss the very interesting PDF download at the conclusion of the interview: “Throughout the interview, I’ve included little shots of Delicious Library throughout its [...]
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Onwards ran into some problems a few weeks back. Long story short, it’s all brand new. All the archives, categories, etc. will come back as soon as possible. Generally, I try looking at these interludes of failure as useful ways of breaking bad habits and getting out of ruts. So great! New ways of doing [...]
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Thanks for your patience

Slowly. Back in action.
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