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Big in Twitter is small on accuracy

Last few days have been a good example of what’s wrong with relying on a plain old Bayes classifier. Big in Twitter has had the band “The Field” up as the most popular with 671 mentions. The next, Peter King, only has 51 mentions. There’s nothing technically wrong with the classifier (I’m using the gem) [...]
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Life Magazine, Hell’s Angels, the girlfriends, 1965

The Selvedge Yard puts together another great collection, Bottoms Up! | A Love Affair with Taverns, Bars & Pubs, of pics from the Life Magazine photo archive. Look at these wholesome Hell’s Angels girlfriends. Fascinated with the one on the far right. Hair in rollers, post-nose job(?). Great cheekbones at that table too. I suppose the helmet [...]
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Big In Twitter has moved

Find it over at my other home,, now.
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Homemade Turtles from Twig & Thistle

Ingredients: Mini Pretzels, Pecan Halfs, Rolos. That’s it! This is the sort of the out of the box thinking that defines genius. Make your very own homemade Turtle candies!
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Facebook, brands & you

From the recent Forbes piece, Why Business Needs To Get Social: Businesses that ignore the call to be “social”–that is, to abide by a social contract with their constituents (customers, partners, resellers, employees)–run the risk of appearing pathological. I see “social” business as an inherently healthy change. Social contracts generally involve listening and talking, give and [...]
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More nerding out with Ruby & Tokyo Cabinet

I pushed out a little change to my Big in Twitter toy. (Recap: it sucks in lists of band names and then searches Twitter for them. When it finds a match it’ll then grab the Twitterer’s location. So at a glance, see what (and where) bands are getting the most mentions.) This version adds some basic [...]
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Live performance with Lisp, OpenGL & Sound

Granted, it is also “live” programming and that can either put you to sleep or keep you clicking the fast forward. Gets good around 5 minutes in and picks up again around 9 minutes in. I don’t know if this is built in the latest Impromptu from Mr. Sorensen. Maybe he’s using a beta or [...]
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Even more things to read

Couple of new blogs in my rotation that have stood the test of time. Check them out! Appliancist is “an online magazine about the latest Home Appliances & Home Appliance Trends. Covering High-End Luxury Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances.” They do something you don’t see much online, even with the fashion-oriented sites. They use big images. And [...]
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