Monthly Archives: June 2007

Knowing your audience

From WSJ’s short interview with Tesco CEO Terry Leahy: Q: Tesco is famous for doing a lot of customer research with it’s loyalty program, the Clubcard. LEAHY: It’s an important technical part of an even more important philosophy, which is to listen to customers—but really listen. Many organizations say they listen, but they’re very selective in what [...]
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Baby Steps

In the world of hyper-personalized advertising, if Minority Report movie style ads are your goal: Then you’ll need to embrace a few bowls of fried gravy on the way: Steve shows some pics of his recent experience with a KFC advertising truck. (Pepsi, which owns KFC, seems to be experimenting with Bluetooth and advertising these days.)
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Visual Learning

Gong’s post on reminded me of another project, Visualizing Density. It’s a book, it’s a website, it’s a non-profit. The website requires a registration to see everything. And what will you be seeing? From the book abstract: […] an illustrated manual on planning and designing for “good” density, and a catalog of more than 250 [...]
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