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Fractals all up in your browsers

“Today, we launched Julia Map on Google Labs, a fractal renderer in HTML 5. [...] Julia Map uses the Google Maps API to zoom and pan into the fractals. The images are computed with HTML 5 canvas. Each image generally requires millions of floating point operations. Web workers spread the heavy calculations on all cores [...]
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Food Fashion

So many choice quotes from the article, “Tasteful Attire: Designers Whip Up a Buffet of Fashion Out of Food” from the WSJ: “Try to keep the chocolate away from the armpit area,” advises Ms. Mahoney, a self-described “chocolate artist.” Such esoteric insight is useful for image-makers riding a wave of interest in clothing made out of [...]
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Paul Housberg Glass Design

“Stained glass has a few associations for us, namely: church and church. Also: church. Which makes what Paul Housberg does for a living nothing short of revolutionary: He takes the fusty old art of stained glass and updates it for hotels, offices, and universities — those sanctuaries of the modern world. The resulting installations are [...]
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Compulsive Internet Collection #267: Stereo Stack

Totally agree with A Time To Get. Thank goodness for compulsive internet collectors who collect cool & interesting things. And yes, these are vintage LP stereo banners. Stacked.
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Chef David Chang goes iPad rather than TV

“Can’t get enough of the Momofuku chef, David Chang? Soon you’ll be able to carry him around with you. In late April, he plans to release Lucky Peach, a quarterly iPad app and print journal. Each issue will examine a dish or ingredient through many facets. For instance, the first app will present an interactive [...]
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Life long passion: Maurice Franklin, Wood Turner

“If you were to rise before dawn on Christmas Eve, and walk down the empty Hackney Rd past the dark shopfronts in the early morning, you would very likely see a mysterious glow emanating from the workshop at the rear of number forty-five where spindles for staircases are made. If you were to stop and [...]
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Viinyl: 1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL.

“1 Song. 1 Site. 1 URL. The viinyl platform turns your song into an interactive website – a digital version of the 45rpm single with artwork and videos. viinyl sites are optimized to travel the web, engage fans, grow market demand for your band and increase customer loyalty using marketing techniques for the web. viinyl [...]
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Jack LaLanne dies at 96

“Jack LaLanne was prodding Americans to get off their couches and into the gym decades before it was cool. And he was still pumping iron and pushing fruits and vegetables decades past most Americans’ retirement age. The fitness fanatic ate well and exercised — and made it his mission to make sure everyone did the [...]
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Designing with the Mind in Mind

“Early user interface (UI) practitioners were trained in cognitive psychology, from which UI design rules were based. But as the field evolves, designers enter the field from many disciplines. Practitioners today have enough experience in UI design that they have been exposed to design rules, but it is essential that they understand the psychology behind [...]
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Smooth Criminal + Cellos

Couple of things: Smooth Criminal is a timeless classic. Rasputina watch out.
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