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Words I Love: Computational Art

“From generated pixels on a screen to artwork, translating computer art to prints can give computer-produced visuals new life. This week, Christina Vassallo lets us know about her new series of silkscreened limited editions from two artists whose work in code (via Processing) we already know and love. [...] Just seeing that MacBook Pro and [...]
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Paul Housberg Glass Design

“Stained glass has a few associations for us, namely: church and church. Also: church. Which makes what Paul Housberg does for a living nothing short of revolutionary: He takes the fusty old art of stained glass and updates it for hotels, offices, and universities — those sanctuaries of the modern world. The resulting installations are [...]
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Compulsive Internet Collection #267: Stereo Stack

Totally agree with A Time To Get. Thank goodness for compulsive internet collectors who collect cool & interesting things. And yes, these are vintage LP stereo banners. Stacked.
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Float Cappuccino Cups

“The double-layered structure of the Float glassware series separates the bowl containing the liquid from the hand, keeping cold liquids from warming in the hand and hot liquids from scalding. Condensation is also elevated from the table surface, eliminating the need for coasters. All of the items are mouth-blown from borosilicate glass, an extremely pure [...]
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Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig book review

“Written by Steven Heller and Elaine Lustig Cohen, the book details the many aspects of the life of Alvin Lustig including his work in both graphic and interior design, how he evolved as a designer, his interest in education and his passion for changing the world through his creations. The breadth of his understanding of [...]
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Your 2011 Calendar

“Mash Creative have released a 2011 version of their beautiful limited edition ‘minutes’ calendar, a successor to last years successful 2010 ‘seconds’ calendar. This one has been printed with glow in the dark ink so you can enjoy it at any time of day.” Thanks to AisleOne for the pointer. I award many more points than [...]
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