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Another reason I like Clojure

Exploring new packages of code, say the latest jar from Echo Nest, is incredibly easy and just plain fun. For instance: (import '(com.echonest.api.v3.artist Artist ArtistAPI DocumentList)) (def artist-api (new ArtistAPI "YOUR DEV KEY HERE")) (def hot-artists (. artist-api getTopHotttArtists 10)) (println (.. (first hot-artists) getItem getName)) Will spit out “Papercuts” (as of the time of this writing), the current #1 [...]
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Big in Twitter offline

UPDATE: Fixed! Something broke during a recent OS upgrade. Hopefully will have it back up sometime today. Thanks.
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A few examples of Digital meeting Real Life

To hear the Sufjan Stevens’s track “The Lonely Man of Winter” you have to pack some headphones and travel to Brooklyn. There you will find a one Alec Duffy, contest winner and owner of the exclusive rights to the song. Duffy didn’t think uploading it and sharing it was special enough. To hear it you need [...]
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