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Tangible Objects & Font Exploration

“Fontplore is an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases.Fontplore helps you to easily find the right typeface for your project in a collection of several thousands of fonts. It lets you browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. And the clou is: It does all that on an [...]
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MAYA Design, U-forms and Today’s Document Databases

I’m intrigued by MAYA Design and their portfolio. They continue to craft novel, unique and useful environments, products and ideas, spinning off companies, both for profit and not, and publishing their research. In particular, I like how MAYA’s Research practice takes the notion of “design” and applies it all the way “up”. Pervasive, ubiquitous computing is [...]
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RIP Julius Shulman

Such a shame: “Julius Shulman dies at 98; celebrated photographer of Modernist architecture“. Here’s one of my all-time favorites of Case Study House No. 21.
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Cascading’s Logparser example in Clojure

I’ve long been interested in working with Cascading but didn’t relish the thought of jumping back into Java. Thankfully with the arrival of Clojure I can now happily play in my less-typing world. I wanted to get a basic Cascading demo running so I took the Logparser example from the distribution and ported it over to [...]
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