Monthly Archives: October 2006

Next stop: the smell of plague

Reading the recent Total Experience post, Studio 360: “Scratch and Sniff,” The Mystery of Smell, I was reminded why I love museum exhibit designers: How can we design compelling experiences to exploit people’s sense of smell? Displays of perfumery and taste enhancers are common. A more thrilling, if somewhat bizarre example, has been the [...]
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Itching a scratch with Python, and 3×5 index cards

Once again I found myself at a bookstore, so overwhelmed with choice I forgot what I was looking for. Never again. With some help from effbot, ReportLab and my trusty Python, I whipped up this, In a nutshell, this little script grabs up to 15 items recently tagged “readinglist” from my account, applies some [...]
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Ambient Audio

In the article Ambient Signifiers at Boxes and Arrows, Ross Howard describes how the Tokyo rail system uses audio cues to help folks reach the right destination. While the article isn’t focused on ambient audio—Ross only uses it as an example of ambient design possibilities—it got me thinking about what’s happening in the ambient audio [...]
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Good Old Days

I have an awful lot of archived weblog items dating all the way back to 2000 or so. In those days I used the weblog more like a link dump so just publishing them as-is wouldn’t make much sense, no context, meaningless. To get some sort of use out of them I’ll reference, when appropriate, [...]
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