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Windows XP, Apache 2 and SCGI Quick Start

These are my notes so I remember what I did in the future. Maybe they’ll work for you too. Consider the starting point a working system with XP, Apache2, FastCGI, etc. and the required gems/libs.These are the steps that worked for me. The various pieces: SCGI Rails 0.4.2 [...]
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Everyware by Adam Greenfield mentions a new, not-yet-released, book from Adam Greenfield, Everyware. Adam just did a talk at the East Coast IA retreat titled “Everyware: Planning for the user experience in ubiquitous computing” and described it thusly, “Everyday life—the domain of ubiquitous computing—is largely terra incognito for today’s interaction designers and information architectects, with their models based [...]
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Tom Kelley of IDEO interview

As a follow-up to the last entry, here’s a Tom Kelley interview, “A discussion on how to encourage and recognize daily innovation and creativity, assessing what tools, talents, or personas drive innovative projects and ideas.” 45 min Real audio. This is great stuff, and it’s a free 45 min lesson from the general manager of [...]
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The Ten Faces of Innovation

“Are you a Cross-Pollinator? Do you work with a Hurdler? Or a Storyteller? These are just a few of the roles that Tom Kelley, author of the bestselling Art of Innovation, suggests that people can play in an organization to foster innovation and new ideas—and fend off creativity-stifling naysayers. Inspired by the roles that Tom [...]
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Integrating Physical and Digital Interactions for Creative Collaboration

“For the past six years at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, my colleagues and I have conducted research into user interfaces that bind physical and electronic representations of artifacts for integrated interaction: Manipulation in one medium effects a corresponding change in the artifact’s dual medium. Based on fieldwork with designers, office workers, scientists, and engineers, [...]
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