A few examples of Digital meeting Real Life

To hear the Sufjan Stevens’s track “The Lonely Man of Winter” you have to pack some headphones and travel to Brooklyn. There you will find a one Alec Duffy, contest winner and owner of the exclusive rights to the song.

Duffy didn’t think uploading it and sharing it was special enough. To hear it you need to visit him (and his wife) and plug your headphones into his iPod. In person. Intimate. That’s special.

Much has been said about this. The WSJ article “Not-So-Easy Listening: It Takes a Trek to Hear This Track” has plenty of examples.

So far 60 people have visited Duffy. 60 people traveling to listen to roughly 4.5MB of bits.

You’ve trained all year, you’re ready. You show up for the regional CrossFit Games qualifier and your first competition involves hand stand push ups. You suck at those. You don’t place.

There is a Plan B! The Last Chance Online Qualifier!

At the provided start time, you have 24 hrs to record video of you doing the Online Qualifier workouts and upload to a public forum, say Vimeo or YouTube. Once uploaded you then have to email your times and video links to the judges. On Vimeo, you’ll find 91 videos, YouTube has about 100.

Nearly 200 people taking the time to record & upload video for a chance to compete in a very strenuous fitness competition.

Digital stuff, sharing with a few or sharing with many. Fantastic.

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