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Smooth Criminal + Cellos

Couple of things: Smooth Criminal is a timeless classic. Rasputina watch out.
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Minority Report meets Oscar Mayer?

“The “Meal Planning Solution,” part of Intel’s “Connected Store,” is a sort of kiosk you might find in an upscale suburban market, catering to families desperate to find something the kids will eat. [...] So, when he or she passes by the kiosk, the digital signage, equipped with a freaky sort of Anonymous Video Analytics [...]
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The Art of Hermann Zapf video

The Art of Hermann Zapf from Johnny Dib on Vimeo. “A film on the purpose and techniques of calligraphy. Presented and produced by Hallmark. Filmed at Hallmark cards during a visit by Mr. Zapf. Production manager Noel Gordon. Script outline Peter Seymour. Script editor Richard Rhodes. Camera Direction Frank Robinson. Associate cameraman Heinz Burger. Idea and [...]
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AI is awesome all over again

The painfully short description for this video is: “teams of quadrotors autonomously build tower-like cubic structures from modular parts.” Autonomous, in this case, could maybe possibly (anyway to make this even more passive and wishy-washy?) be considered AI for today’s revised definition. The video and the following Wired article are unrelated but I think there’s [...]
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Roundtable discussion on APL, beards, proto-nerds & awesome 70s fashion

Catherine | Myspace Video If you’re at all interested in the history of programming languages, give this video a watch. You’ve got the father of APL, Ken Iverson himself, being interviewed along with a panel of experts. If APL isn’t your cup of tea, then you can also watch for the crazy 70s flute music, the hardware, [...]
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This is how you did Industrial Design in the 1960s

Design story: The Decanter from Landor Associates on Vimeo. “The Decanter,” a promotional film produced by Walter Landor and Associates in the 1960s, shows the start-to-finish process of several of Landor’s designs for Old Fitzgerald whiskey. Narrated by Walter himself, the film depicts creative teams illustrating and critiquing designs, industrial designers fabricating models, and research teams [...]
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I See Steaks In My Sleep

I See Steaks In My Sleep from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo. Keep an eye on the knife. Envious of his facility with that thing.
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Before there was Megamind, there was Lord Insidious

From the description: “This commercial for online storage site came out in 2000, and featured a parody of a supervillain, Lord Insidious, which I created. This spot was even featured at Cannes that year. Now Dreamworks is coming out with their movie, Megamind, about a giant brained supervillain in a black outfit with a high [...]
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Diapers & Soap & Our Robot Overlords

Enjoyed this video from the Singularity Hub article “What’s The Secret Behind Success? A Kiva Robot Warehouse“. Did you know most online retailers use 5-6 different box sizes? uses 20. Plus they have some fancy computer science going on with their box packing software. Interesting stuff.
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Martin Gardner on The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things / Martin Gardner from Wagner Brenner on Vimeo. Watched this last night. Like many, I first discovered Martin Gardner while attempting to read Scientific American as a kid. This video reminds me why he was so interesting: math, juggling, puzzles, magic tricks and even computers. Check out the segments with John Conway [...]
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