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More nerding out with Ruby & Tokyo Cabinet

I pushed out a little change to my Big in Twitter toy. (Recap: it sucks in lists of band names and then searches Twitter for them. When it finds a match it’ll then grab the Twitterer’s location. So at a glance, see what (and where) bands are getting the most mentions.) This version adds some basic [...]
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Nerding out with Ruby, Tokyo Cabinet, Hpricot, Twitter, Sinatra, Haml & Passenger

[Update: The service described in this article has been relocated to http://gavinmcgovern.com] I wanted to get back into Ruby and since it’s been many years I went for total immersion. Only one rule: don’t use anything I used in the past. So easy; everything is pretty much new to me now. The project: grab the names [...]
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MacRuby easing you into Core Graphics

MacRuby is now v0.4 and HotCocoa::Graphics gets a little better too. Inspiration for this project was derived from Processing and NodeBox. These excellent Java- and Python-based graphics programming environments are mature and full-featured, but HCG offers similar functionality using the elegant Ruby programming language and the power of native graphics processing on Mac hardware. Many more [...]
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