Facebook, brands & you

From the recent Forbes piece, Why Business Needs To Get Social:

Businesses that ignore the call to be “social”–that is, to abide by a social contract with their constituents (customers, partners, resellers, employees)–run the risk of appearing pathological. I see “social” business as an inherently healthy change. Social contracts generally involve listening and talking, give and take, and trust–built over time through honest engagement.

From the department of tooting your own horn, allow myself to reference myself:

I think a firm’s success will come from it being able to act human enough to engage in [those collective affinities].

Which I wrote way back in August 2007, Friending the Corporation. I took the idea further and sketched out some possibilities in TIVO BFF!!!1.

Why am I bringing this up now? Facebook is making it real!

Last night Facebook turned on a feature which will surely build some buzz: the recommendation of brands as friends.

From the article Facebook Starts Recommending Branded Public Profiles.

Sure I might not use phrases like “crucible of collective agreement” but I definitely have better looking visuals. Ok I did use the phrase “collective affinities” but that was me re-quoting. And my pics are better.

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