A few things

A few books to read / Bill de hÓra put together an interesting list of books with one in particular standing out, “The Power of Events: [long title truncated].” The smashLab folks have a new weblog and in the Reconsidering Design article the author mentions the book “All Access, The Making of Thirty Extraordinary Graphic Designers,” a must read for sure.

A few things to eat / Nice real-world mash-up happening at dorkbot-sf Wednesday (1/25) night: food hacking with Marc Powell. He learned his craft “in the research kitchen of Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin starred restaurant The Fat Duck, aka the bleeding edge of the molecular gastronomy movement.” I love the sound of that “research kitchen.”

A few things to touch / I don’t remember how I came across these pieces from Studio Leung unfortunately. Sushi shaped USB flash drives are cool but these hardwood ones are amazing. Also check out the ceramic Nokia concept phone down the page a bit. Schulze & Webb have some concept Nokias too, in rubber, latex and wood.

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