It probably shoots out sparks

The little box under my desk that makes the internet work died; sorry for the downtime. Shopping around for a replacement I got to see a lot of antennae since everything is wireless these days.

Linksys Wrt300n lrg One in particular stood out.

Homer car If only it were green, reminded me of something else.

Antenna are pretty interesting actually, as is the very presence of them. In many products you don’t need to see them.

Netgear wnr 854t Some might say that cuts a more elegant profile.

Space age Aesthetic Then again that space-age aesthetic is pretty cool too. Why hide it?

Why do these antennae look the way they do? It all comes down to math, theory and some art. The theory gives you the fundamentals, the math & art give you the physical thing.

Pringles Antenna
So if you take the math that brings you this wonderful example and run it through some exotic NASA-math, you get these little delights.
Nasa Borg Antenna Maybe that’s NASA-art?

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