Once again with energy

The old machinelake.com was near death. So to reinvigorate it I decided to tear it all down and start from scratch! Nothing like the smell of fresh paint to get the creativity going….

It is pretty bare-bones. Nothing fancy for me. No “next page” “previous page” crutches for you. At least not yet. The TODO list is kinda long.

Not sure if this rebuild qualifies as “fetishizing the interesting” or not. But really the old Ruby/Typo system was junk; it needed replacing. Handcrafted artisanal innovation.

The graphic on the left there is from Nodebox. I was having some fun with tags and some Nodebox extras.

There could be problems…. If you run into something particularly annoying or broken and you feel inclined, drop me a message. Email is on the About page. Thanks.

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