Bookmarks for January 6th through January 7th

  • VixML | This way to iPhone awesomeness. – "If you can write a Web page, you can write VixML. It's a simple, XML-based format for creating content for iPhone apps. Built natively for the iPhone, VixML allows you to take advantage of the device's best features… Tapping. Shaking. Tilting. Swiping. Pinching. Now you can create the coolest content out there. Effortlessly."
  • Data Mining Apache Logs – Just How Fast is the End User Experience? | Dee and Steve's Web – an example using r
  • The Collective Well » About CureTogether – "CureTogether helps people anonymously track and compare health data, to better understand their bodies, make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research."
  • Scrum-ban | Lean Software Engineering – i ♥ kanban
  • Stacey's Bookstore closing down in S.F. – sad. they did last a lot longer than the stacey's further south. good memories; thanks stacey's.
  • kragen's dumbfts at master — GitHub – "This is a full-text indexing and search engine for my email, in about 250 lines of code. It can produce results for many (most?) queries on my 12-gigabyte mailbox in under two seconds on my 700MHz laptop. (Which sometimes reduces its clock rate to 550MHz.) I just updated the index after not doing so for three months, and it took about three hours to index the two new gigabytes of email. It manages to index about 24 megabytes per minute, which is a bit faster than I can download my email over my internet connection."
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