Bookmarks for January 12th through January 15th

  • Noisy Decent Graphics: All the ephemera that's fit to print * – this one post contains everything i get excited about: typography, design, printing, newsprint, the internet and big loud machines.
  • Installing Ruby Enterprise Edition with Phusion Passenger | Perplexed Labs – "I’ve been using Phusion Passenger for a few months now and I’m really pleased with it. The performace vs. Mongrel is better, but what makes it so useful is the ease of deployment. Being able to setup a vhost in Apache just like you would for a PHP application was very appealing to me. Having previously worked with the Apache/Rails/Mongrel/mod_proxy stack in an “enterprise” environment for over a year, I have experienced pretty much every nightmare deployment scenario possible. I recently decided to install Phusion’s Ruby Enterprise Edition, which promises up to a 33% savings in memory usage."
  • The New Examined Life – – "The objective for Mr. Felton and others is to seize data back from the statisticians and the scientists and incorporate it into our daily lives. Everyone creates data — every smile, conversation and car ride is a potential datapoint. These quotidan aggregators believe that the compilation of our daily activities can reveal the secret patterns that govern the way we live. For students of personal informatics, the practice is liberating because it shows that our lives aren't random, and are more orderly than some might expect."
  • Nine By Blue » Nine By Blue – "The future of business is online, where everything can be counted, measured, and tracked. From this overwhelming sea of data exist the key insights to guide product strategy and customer engagement for greater overall success. You need those key insights. Not the overwhelming sea."
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