Best Mac Ever

2009 will bring the 25th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh and the question: what is the greatest Mac ever?

Some folks are already calling the Mac SE/30 the winner. I can understand that. It was my first Mac too. A true workhorse.
I was first introduced to what became my Greatest Mac Ever in the late 80s with the Mac IIci. I think I paired it with a Radius monitor. Fast, reliable and expandable. Had this one for a long time.

And what does Mr Jobs think?

At the company headquarters in Silicon Valley, where he was presenting a set of new laptops to the press last October, I mentioned the birthday to him. Jobs recoiled at any suggestion of nostalgia. “I don’t think about that,” he said. “When I got back here in 1997, I was looking for more room, and I found an archive of old Macs and other stuff. I said, ‘Get it away!’ and I shipped all that shit off to Stanford. If you look backward in this business, you’ll be crushed. You have to look forward.”

Reading between the lines: look forward to a new Mac Mini rev soon! Sounds like a legitimate rumor to me.

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