Your Hedge Fund Howto

“Fresh out of college, with no background in finance, I learned high frequency trading (HFT) first hand while bootstrapping my startup from nothing to trading tens of millions of shares daily for a billion-dollar hedge fund. I’m starting this blog to discuss the technical challenges related to building world class HFT system, including developing the trading algorithms, handling the data feeds, building the high performance data structures, structuring the threading model, and designing the system for maximum reliability.”

Is it any surprise the similarity between a business focused on making money by watching money and any random business focused on making money by watching, I don’t know, tweets? The money watchers invest a lot of time & energy in building real time systems for delivering answers. The tweet watchers don’t care so much about real time currently. They’re ok with answers eventually rather than now. How much longer will this remain the case? Is there a future where real money is riding on immediate answers derived from tweets? Or from any random unit of “social media” from the fire hose? Regardless, it looks like the world of finance has a lot of the answers and WK’s High Frequency Trading Blog is a great behind the scenes look at how it could come together.

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